MobiSecServ 2018 - Fourth Conference On Mobile And Secure Services, 24-25 February 2018

Conference Venue: Miami Beach, FL 33141, USA

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Previous Conferences

The third MobiSecServ was held in February 2017 at Miami Beach, see the conference website, and the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Mobile and Secure Services

The second MobiSecServ was held in February 2016 at the Gainesville University, see the conference website, and the Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Mobile and Secure Services

The first MobiSecServ was held in February 2015 at the Gainesville University, see the conference website, and the Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mobile and Secure Services
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An early version of MobiSecServ was organized in February 2014 at the Gainesville University, see the workshop website
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About the University of Florida and Telecom ParisTech

The University of Florida (UF) is a major, public, comprehensive, land-grant, research university. With more than 50,000 students, UF is now one of the largest universities in the nation. UF has a 2,000-acre campus and more than 900 buildings (including 170 with classrooms and laboratories).

Telecom ParisTech is an international and multidisciplinary French research centre for digital technology, which combines disciplinary expertise at the highest level and a unique capacity for a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach across all the sectoral areas in direct response to the socio-economic issues of the digital revolution. Research at Telecom ParisTech relies on 172 faculty members, 14 engineers and technicians,  70 post-PhDs, 60 visiting scientists, 285 PhD students, producing an average of 625 international publications and 20 patents. The contractual turnover is about 10.8M€.


Conference Location
Atlantic Meeting Room, 2nd level
Carillon Hotel, 6801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141, USA

Saturday February 24th 2018

9h00: Welcome coffee

9h30-10h30: Tutorial: "Cloud of Secure Elements Services For Blockchain", Andreas Lux, Pascal Urien

Blockchain addresses are computed from elliptic curves public keys. All blockchain transactions are authenticated by ECDSA signatures. Therefore the secure storage and use of private keys is a critical issue for blockchain systems. The hijacking of private keys implies the lost of associated crypto currencies. This talk introduces the use of secure elements and RACS servers in order to deliver trusted blockchain services. Secure elements are widely deployed in banking cards. RACS (Remote Call APDU) is an IETF draft compatible with the SIM Server technology. An open version is available on github.

Andreas Lux is the CEO of the Implementa Company.
Pascal Urien is professor at Telecom ParisTech, and coFounder of the EtherTrust Company.

10h30-11h00; Towards Improving the Security of Mobile Systems using Virtualization and Isolation
Jeremias Eppler, Dakota State University, USA
Yong Wang, Dakota State University, Madison, SD, USA

11h00-11h30: Secure Authentication Key Sharing between Mobile Devices Based on Owner Identity
Hideo Nishimura NTT, Japan
Yoshihiko Omori NTT, Japan
Takao Yamashita NTT, Japan
Satoru Furukawa NTT, Japan

11h30-12h00: Mobile Road Pothole Classification and Reporting with Data Quality Estimate
Ayush Vora, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Leon Reznik, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Igor Khokhlov, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

12h00-12h30: Fast Secure Computation Based on a Secret Sharing Scheme for n < 2k - 1
Kyohei Tokita Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Keiichi Iwamura Tokyo University of Science, Japan

12h30-13h45: Lunch

13h45-14h15: Graph-Based Wormhole Attack Detection in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)
Mohamaad Rmayti, Insa de Lyon, France
Youcef Begriche, IEEE, France
Rida Khatoun Telecom ParisTech, France
Lyes Khoukhi University of Technology of Troyes, France
Abdelhamid Mammer University of Ottawa, Canada

14h15-14h45: An Evaluation of a Virtual Network Function for Real-Time Threat Detection using Stream Processing
Martin E. Andreoni Lopez Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & UFRJ, France
Antonio Lobato UFRJ, Brazil
Otto Carlos M. B. Duarte Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Guy Pujolle University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, France

14h45-15h15: Password-Protected Secret Sharing Scheme with the Same Threshold in Distribution and Restoration
Kentaro Tsujishita, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Keiichi Iwamura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

15h15-15h45: Performance Evaluation of MAC-Layer Trust Zones over Virtual Network Interfaces
Arne Wall University of Rostock Germany
Hannes Raddatz University of Rostock, Germany
Michael Rethfeldt University of Rostock & Institute of Applied Microelectronics and Computer Engineering, Germany
Peter Danielis University of Rostock, Germany
Dirk Timmermann University of Rostock, Germany

15h45-16h15: Attacks and Vulnerability Analysis of E-Mail as a Password Reset Point
Caleb Routh University of North Florida, USA
Brandon DeCrescenzo University of North Florida, USA
Swapnoneel Roy University of North Florida, USA

16h15-16h45: Break

16h45-17h15: An Overview of the EMV Protocol and Its Security Vulnerabilities
Nour El Madhoun, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Emmanuel Bertin, Orange Labs, France
Guy Pujolle, University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, France

17h15-17h45: Towards Secure Elements For Trusted Transactions in Blockchain and Blochchain IoT (BIoT) Platforms
Pascal Urien Telecom ParisTech France

17h45-18h45: Welcome Hour, Carillon Hotel, Free for all registered participants

20h00: Social
Free for all registered participants.
Lola Restaurant & Grill
5555 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140, États-Unis

Sunday February 25th 2018

9h00: Welcome coffee

9h30-10h30: "Cyber Security for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS)", Mounira Msahli, Rida Khatoun

Plenty of technologies have been deployed to evolve and manage Transport Systems. Recently academia and industry efforts are concentrated on road safety via Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS). Undeniably, as vehicular computing systems become interconnected, there will be a good target for malicious attacks by exploiting system vulnerabilities. Currently, the security and the privacy are becoming the central pieces of C-ITS requirements. In this context, we investigate the potential cyber attacks and privacy challenges of automated vehicles, with their special needs. We analyze the threats on cooperative automated vehicles in order to identify all security objectives. The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) represents the major solution to meet ITS security needs. In literature, there are several trust models to specify and to implement the ITS PKI (ETSI, IEE, etc…). We discuss different ITS PKIs architectures and some examples of implementations. We present also several open research topics on cyber security of C-ITS.

Mounira Msahli is Research Project Manager, Innovation Team, IDnomic, Paris, France
Rida Khatoun is Associate Professor, Telecom ParisTech, France

10h30-11h00: Improvement of Privacy Protection Surveillance Camera System and its Applications
Kota Hoshino Tokyo University of Science, japan
Keiichi Iwamura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Kitahiro Kaneda, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

11H00-11h30: The Impact of Sand Propagation Environment on the Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks
Abdallah Aldosary, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz S. Alsayyari,Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia
Saad Almesalm, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

11h30-12h00: Concept network design for a young Mars science station and Trans-planetary communication
Kanwalinderjit Kaur Gagneja Florida Polytechnic University & North Dakota State University, USA

12h00-12h30: Improvement and Implementation of Digital Content Protection Scheme Using Identity-based
Mutsumi Fujisaki Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Keiichi Iwamura Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Inamura Tokyo Denki University, Japan
Kitahiro Kaneda Tokyo University of Science, Japan

12h30: Lunch & Wrap Up

Important Dates

October 16th 2017 November 6th 2017 Full and Short Papers submission deadline

November 20th 2017 December 4th 2017 December 14th 2017 Papers Acceptance/Rejection notification


The goal of the "Conference on Mobile Applications, Security, and Services" is to explore the challenges, issues and opportunities both for academic researchers and industrial innovators.

We are looking for both research papers on new applications and presentations of deployment experiments or new business opportunities.

This conference aims to bring researchers and industrial experts together to discuss the latest frontiers of mobile technology and also novel applications that have not been thought of before.

In an always-on and everything connected context, mobile applications are more and more interacting with sensitive or personal resources hosted in cloud computing or Internet of Things infrastructure. As a consequence, security and trust are critical issues, and likely a prerequisite for the deployment of IoT frameworks.

Among other, the NFC technology enables communication in close proximity. With NFC mobiles surfacing the market so quickly, mobile operating systems are prepared for support with dedicated frameworks. This offers researchers and developers a great opportunity for getting quick traction with novel applications.

So far, the main close proximity enabled services deal with payment, access control, or ticketing. Commercial applications today mainly target mobile payments, or eTickets managed by transportation companies. The broad availability of communication technologies fertilizes research and development of novel applications and can go well beyond these intended applications.

The conference welcomes contributions addressing (but not limited to) the following topics:

Proximity communication technologies for mobile (NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZibBee,…), secure transactions over proximity communications;

Trust for mobile applications and services, Secure Elements, SIM frameworks; SecureSD, (including Google Vault) platforms; Single Wire Protocol (SWP); Trusted Service Manager (TSM); Secure over the air (OTA) services, Flash over the air (FOTA)Hardware Secure Module (HSM)

New mobile secure architectures. Host Card Emulation (HCE). Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

New services and business perspectives New payment applications; Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay Services; Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum); secure tokenisation technologies; proximity communication for access control; automotive industry perspectives; applications for the consumer industry; applications for smart cities; Internet Of Things (IoT) new perspectives;

Mobile Applications for Social Networks.

Deployment experimentsand testing for IoT Platforms, payments, transport, ticketing, access control, couponing, macro localization (Tags).

MobiSecServ Conference